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Chapter 4: Introduction In the following paragraph, researchers Sherlock Campbell and James Pennebaker describe a remarkable statistical relationship. Multiple laboratories have demonstrated that people who are asked to write about traumatic experiences subsequently exhibit better physical health than people who are asked to write about superficial topics. Chapter 2: Research methods in psychology Workbook Chapter 2: Unit 1: How are behaviour and mental processes shaped? Unit 2: How is wellbeing developed and maintained? Chapter 3: Role of the brain in mental processes and behaviour Workbook Chapter 3: Chapter 7: Sensation and perception: Chapter 4: Brain plasticity and brain damage Workbook ... Jun 10, 2015 · Chapter 4 skin hunger. Many people believe women have an instinct in knowing how to care for and raise children. Read Chapter 4 and share what you learned most about the brain and the body in this story. Feel free to ask questions and voice ideas that should be considered in this story. You may also link stories you find in the paper that relate to any part of what you are reading at any time.