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It would be important to combine such training with nutrition coaching and psychological support for the patients in future studies in order to maximize the results. Conclusion. A short-term HIIT paradigm using 15-s sprints at 100% W max is feasible and safe in the pre-operative period and increases cardio-respiratory fitness in patients with ... So Much More Than Just a Tour. Spend a few weeks in the Holy Land studying under one of our experienced short-term instructors. Venture off the beaten path to places less traveled, explore more than twice the sites of a typical tour to Israel, and have the option of earning academic credit. Short Programme in Debt Counsellor Training - R 10, 960 / R 2, 932 Short Programme in Storekeeping and Stock Control - R 10, 021 / R 2, 681 Skills Programme in Customer Relationship Management - R 9, 424 / R 2, 521