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-The player can encounter a Class-D discovering and wearing SCP-035. -The Class-D is shown to struggle upon wearing SCP-035, and faints afterwards. Trivia-If the player leaves the area after the Class-D has fainted and returns, the Class-D seems to have escaped with SCP-035. SCP-4986-1 instances will always be a white envelope with a red stamp depicting George Washington. The envelope will always display the words “From a friend” on the front. Handwriting present on all instances of SCP-4986-1 vary significantly with no style appearing twice. Packages Received from SCP-4986 are designated SCP-4986-2. SCP-4519: class TCF (Total Contaminant Failure) N/A: SCP-2470: χK-Class ("Crowning-of-Death") Scenario: The inadvertent containment breach of SCP-4260, resulting in universal supremacy of Death and the probability of life's continuation becoming approximately zero. SCP-4260: תK-Class Scenario: N/A: Kate McTiriss's Proposal -class end of the world scenario: N/A: SCP-1000 K-class scenario: N/A: SCP-453